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Drs. Ir. Corina Kuiper RC EMFC

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Over the past 20 years she has held a spectrum of strategic management, business development and financial management positions. She designed and implemented a Corporate Venturing/New Business Development structure and process across Philips, including a common way of managing and assessing ventures and businesses. She has particular expertise and a proven track record in new business creation, (open) innovation management, transformation management, entrepreneurship/effectuation, strategy and M&A including valuation and post-merger integration. She has worked in different functional areas, different industries (including Healthcare) and in startup environments as well as in established business settings, therefore she is able to project herself into the varying perspectives different people have on the same business case.

Corina regularly lectures as a guest speaker across a number of international universities, business schools and speaks at international conferences and seminars. She is director of  The Corporate Venturing Network  (www.corporateventuringnetwork.com). She is senior effectuator of the effectuation-intelligence network, an international network providing services in the field of uncertainty management.

Dr. Fred van Ommen

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Dr. Fred van Ommen is an experienced business and innovation manager, currently active as founder and CEO of the Bizz Innovation Group. In his career he developed from Research and Development expert to an all-round general manager, who has led several large businesses such as the MRI business in Philips Healthcare to success. As SVP Strategy and Innovation at Philips he developed and deployed a cross-functional innovation strategy including R&D, marketing and Supply Chain Management and Incubation/Venturing. After his Philips carreer Fred managed a startup in LED lighting as CEO. Fred has strong leadership, with a drive to realize success together with his people, driving strategy into action. He is a good communicator and coach, and most importantly: He has a sense of humor! Website: www.bizzinnovationgroup.com

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