Our expertise

  • Innovation Family Planning. Defining the right balance in your innovation portfolio between existing and new business
  • Organizing the innovation family. Implement the right set-up and way of working required for the whole family as well as for the individual members
  • Business Model Innovation. Create new dynamic business models showing the rationale of how your business creates, delivers, and captures value
  • Accelerating new business. Survive puberty by co-creating the market and scaling your business in an ecosystem with partners
  • Business Validation Framework. Use a venture development framework to evaluate your innovation family as well as the individual members
  • Think & Act as Entrepreneurs. Use a set of decision-making principles, used by entrepreneurs to rapidly sense, act and mobilize in situations of uncertainty (effectuation)
  • Innovation performance management. Have a performance management system in place that is tuned to the specific needs of the different innovation family members
  • The entrepreneurial toolkit. Use a set of tools to translate customer insights into value propositions and business models and to build partnerships for co-creating the market and to accelerate, applying the principles of lean start-up and effectuation

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Accelerating new business

Starting a venture (conceive a baby) is the easiest part, but the puberty is a difficult stage of life. As a teenager you already progressed beyond the drawing-board stage and have started testing your first product or service of a new category in a market sector. Large investments are needed but you are not yet able to show positive financial results.

If you are part of a large companies, you will find that the mother runs out of patience and will try to force you ‘to launch in order to sell’ rather than ‘to experiment in order to learn’. If you are a standalone venture, investors first want to see sales before they are willing to provide the next round of funding.

To survive puberty your need to find partners and create effective alliances. Together with these partners you will co-create the first market that will provide the results your mother company or investor is looking for. However it is not easy to create a successful alliance and studies show that you need to be well prepared, following a structured approach and have clear objectives. For start-ups it is also an iterative, staged approach as the future cannot be predicted. We can support you in defining, creating and managing these relationships.